My Top 4 Summer Lipsticks

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Now, I know that all my Aussie babes are reading this and
thinking “But, we aren’t even in summer?” And yes I know, but where I live in North Queensland, the weather hardly ever drops below 25 degrees during the day all through Autumn and lets not forget to mention the fantastic 80-90% humidity that we endure yay! (not) – So in reality, I am in “summer” all year round baby! Anyway, who says just because you are in the cooler months, that you can’t wear bright lipsticks? You do you, and not care what people think!  Continue reading


Fifth Avenue Cosmetics


This will come as no surprise to those of you who know me but I am a Kmart addict. It is my drug and I could honestly spend hours and every cent of my money in there. So as no surprise I was there yesterday, and I stumbled across the makeup  (by accident, of course)… As I was browsing I saw that Kmart is now stocking a new brand of makeup called “Fifth Avenue”.. Continue reading

6 Products I Regret Buying

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Generally when I am purchasing something I will do my research, read up on blog reviews, watch some YouTube videos. Occasionally I will just take the plunge to see what the product is like for me as we are all different. But like everything in life, some things are just don’t work out! So here are my 6 products I regret purchasing.
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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté SPF15 Lipsticks


Yves Saint Laurent was a brand I have wanted to try for the longest time. But being a very luxurious brand, the price tag tends to sting our wallet a little, so I have always just put it off. I received a gift voucher to use at Terry White Chemist and decided, why not?!  Continue reading

Makeup Revolution – EatSleepMakeupRepeat


Makeup Revolution is a brand that I discovered through Instragram and while browsing their site realised they are an affordable makeup brand that creates “dupes” for higher end brand makeup. If you are very familiar with makeup you’ll be on their site for less than 5 minutes and know what I am talking about. Continue reading

Budget Beauty: My 4 Favourite Drugstore Products – Under $20.00


Lets be honest, not all of us can afford luxury high-end makeup all of the time. For most of us buying expensive makeup really is a once off thing. I am a massive believer in drugstore makeup, and honestly believe you can get some of the best products for under $20 dollars. This was really hard for me and I could go on and on about all the cheap products I love, but we will be here for hours and that’s not the most ideal scenario! Sure you get your hits and misses with all brands/companies and some of their products, even the ones you spend $60.00 on, but I feel like I have some winners! Here are my tried and tested favourites over the years!  Continue reading